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Are you using ISO-NE's web subscription service to stay on top of new info?

The wholesale electricity industry is technical, fast paced, and loaded with data. It can be challenging to keep up with all of the information ISO New England produces daily about the region’s power grid and wholesale markets. Our My Subscriptions service can help you stay on top of new postings about ISO committee meetings, documents, key projects, and individual events that have been added to www.iso-ne.com. Just select items of interest, and you will be notified in an email to your PC or handheld device whenever new materials are published. 

Examples of popular subscriptions are FERC filings and orders; press releases; Regional Electricity Outlook reports; and a number of committees and working groups.

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Online FCM Participation Guide updated

The Forward Capacity Market (FCM) Participation Guide has been updated to reflect the latest procedures, reference materials, hyperlinks, and terminology. The guide assists anyone needing more information on FCM processes and includes an overview of the market, as well as the following sections:

  • The qualification processes for new and existing generators, demand resources, and imports
  • How the Annual Forward Capacity Auction (FCA) works
  • The post-auction processes for new resources
  • The reconfiguration auctions and capacity supply obligation bilateral periods for acquiring, increasing, decreasing, or eliminating an obligation after an FCA
  • How to delivery capacity as part of the FCM

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ISO-NE launches a redesigned Ask ISO for superior customer service

As part of ongoing efforts to provide high-quality service to the region, ISO New England is pleased to announce a new-and-improved Ask ISO. This enhanced customer support tool will provide a more streamlined, user-friendly experience for both ISO customers and ISO staff. It will also help the ISO effectively and expeditiously handle the many thousands of customer support requests received annually.

In addition to offering a better customer experience, the new Ask ISO can be operated from multiple locations simultaneously, thereby helping to ensure that ISO Customer Support can quickly recover operations in the event of a disruptive emergency.

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See the FCM Participation Guide for up-to-date guidance on the new substitution auction, price-responsive demand, and more

As the region’s Forward Capacity Market (FCM) continues to evolve in response to changes in public policies, regulatory requirements, and technology, market participants are encouraged to review ISO New England’s FCM Participation Guide. The online guide has recently been revised to reflect the latest FCM enhancements, including changes related to:

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Customer readiness: Prepare for pay-for-performance, price-responsive demand, and other upcoming market changes

ISO New England has launched two new customer readiness pages to help market participants prepare for major adjustments to ISO systems and processes starting June 2018. The webpages detail deadlines customers must meet, scheduled sandbox sessions, related trainings, and technical documentation.

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Get easy access to helpful ISO-NE maps and diagrams on new webpage

ISO New England is pleased to announce the Maps and Diagrams webpage: a new one-stop-shop for many of the ISO’s most commonly used maps and diagrams related to the electric power system, the wholesale electricity marketplace, system planning, and industry relationships. The page is also a jumping off point to other informative pages across the ISO’s expansive website. The new page can be found under the About Us tab in the Key Grid and Market Stats section.

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