Mixing things up: ISO-NE offers additional way to view real-time fuel mix with new graph in ISO Express

Current pie chart shows fuel mix by percentage; new graph shows fuel mix by megawatt

One of the most popular features of ISO-NE’s website is the fuel-mix pie chart found on the homepage and in ISO Express. The chart is a snapshot of the fuels New England’s power plants are currently using to generate electricity, by percentage. The ISO has now made a complementary graph available in ISO Express that shows the fuels New England’s power plants are using to generate electricity throughout the course of a day, by megawatt. Side-by-side, the fuel mix chart and graph provide not only an instant read of the current fuels in use but also how that usage evolves over the course of the day.

Key Features of the New Fuel Mix Graph

  • Blue box: Select a day to see historical data
  • Red box: Toggle between chart view and list view
  • Orange arrow: Click the gear icon to view renewables only—landfill gas, refuse, solar, wind, and wood (hydro is not included in the renewable category primarily because the various sources that make up hydroelectric generation are not universally defined as renewable in the six New England states)
  • Green arrow: Click on the export button to view the raw chart data in CSV format or save the chart as an image

Location in ISO Express

Beginning July 5, the new graph will be included in the default ISO Express dashboard next to the fuel mix chart. To add the chart to your customized dashboard, sign into ISO Express and select the Add Content button (learn more about customizing dashboards: Customizable Features: My Dashboard, Adding/Removing Content or Pages, Using Content Tools).


Tell us what you think of these changes, or if you have ideas of how the ISO website or ISO Express could better serve your needs. Please email the Web Team.

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