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For the past six weeks, approximately 95 percent of ISO New England’s staff has worked from home. While this change was unprecedented and abrupt, ISO New England employees have answered the call. Backed by a strong IT support staff and infrastructure, employees have been able to do their work, ensuring that New Englanders have access to reliable, competitively-priced electricity.

While not all inclusive, some of the business conducted by ISO employees working remotely has included:

  • Running the region’s wholesale markets efficiently and without interruption, including settling more than $1 billion in market transactions remotely
  • Conducting engineering reviews to ensure generators and transmission owners can proceed with spring maintenance without threatening reliability
  • Filing our Energy Security Improvements (ESI) proposal with FERC, meeting the April 15 deadline and concluding an extensive stakeholder process that spanned several years
  • Continuing our stakeholder processes, including participating in more than a dozen stakeholder and working group meetings
  • Continuing the review of proposals to address transmission issues in the Greater Boston area

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About ISO New England

ISO New England is the independent, not-for-profit company authorized by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to perform three critical, complex, interconnected roles for New England:

  • Grid operation—Every minute of every day, we coordinate and direct the flow of electricity over the region’s high-voltage transmission system.
  • Market administration—We design, run, and oversee the billion-dollar markets where wholesale electricity is bought and sold.
  • Power system planning—We do the studies, analyses, and planning to make sure New England’s electricity needs will be met over the next 10 years.

Together, these three responsibilities help protect the health of the region’s economy and the well-being of its people by ensuring the constant availability of competitively-priced wholesale electricity—today and for future generations. Learn more.