ISO-NE launches a redesigned Ask ISO for superior customer service

As part of ongoing efforts to provide high-quality service to the region, ISO New England is pleased to announce a new-and-improved Ask ISO. This enhanced customer support tool will provide a more streamlined, user-friendly experience for both ISO customers and ISO staff. It will also help the ISO effectively and expeditiously handle the many thousands of customer support requests received annually.

In addition to offering a better customer experience, the new Ask ISO can be operated from multiple locations simultaneously, thereby helping to ensure that ISO Customer Support can quickly recover operations in the event of a disruptive emergency.

Customers will enjoy several upgrades

The new Ask ISO service is an integrated cloud-based solution using leading customer relationship management software. Here are just a few highlights of the enhanced tool. See the customer readiness webpage for details.

  • Customers now just need a username and password to access this system, instead of a digital certificate, as before.
  • Customers who previously had to manage multiple digital certificates to access Ask ISO for different participant accounts will now be able to log in to Ask ISO under a single profile.
  • Phone calls that are associated with an open Ask ISO case will now be routed directly to the Customer Support, Membership, or Asset Registration & Auditing analyst assigned to that case.
  • Emails to and from Customer Support will be tracked to an associated case automatically.
  • Customers can “self-service” by searching articles that address frequently asked questions and common problems.

Learn more

ISO Customer Support has been in contact with ISO customers to facilitate the transition to the redesigned system. Customer action items, details on system enhancements, learning opportunities, a customer user guide, and other resources can also be found on the Customer Contact Center Solution (CCCS) Key Project webpage.

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