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ISO-NE now publishing seven-day wind power forecast

Currently, about 700 megawatts (MW) of wind power generation are connected to the New England electric grid. An additional 2,800 MW of wind power are in the ISO’s generation interconnection queue, representing nearly 40% of all generation projects being proposed for development in the region. The ISO is taking steps to prepare for managing the grid with an increasing amount of this resource, which has operating characteristics different from traditional resources in that the fuel—wind—is available intermittently. One major initiative underway this year is the development of a centralized wind power forecast. In May, the ISO began publishing a seven-day wind forecast for New England. Each weekday, a CSV file is made available on the ISO website that provides an aggregate wind power projection for each hour for the next seven days. The forecast is still under development and is posted for informational purposes only; the full, final forecast should be operational before the end of 2013. The forecast is already providing useful data on the expected output of wind power resources in the region.

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New England grid operated reliably through 2012/2013 winter despite resource performance challenges 

Two weather-driven events exemplified concerns identified through the Strategic Planning Initiative

Although this winter didn’t prove to be the coldest or stormiest on record, New England endured a one-two punch with a stretch of frigid temperatures in January and then Winter Storm Nemo in February that caused generator, transmission, and distribution system outages. While the ISO was able to maintain reliability throughout these weather events, operators faced significant challenges managing the system with generating resources that were at risk of not being able to produce electricity when and as needed.  

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New England grid operations through Hurricane Sandy; preparation and communication key 

On October 29, 2012—exactly a year to the day after an unprecedented snow storm hit New England—Hurricane Sandy pummeled the region, giving folks yet another reminder that severe weather can strike at any time. Hurricane Sandy showed little mercy, with reports of wind gusts in some areas of New England reaching 70+ miles per hour and driving rain that caused flooding and record ocean storm surges. Widespread and scattered power outages affected all six states, but the majority of outages were in low-lying and coastal areas of New England, including the Connecticut shoreline, parts of Rhode Island, and eastern Massachusetts. The total number of customers without power at the peak late Monday night was estimated to be more than 1.3 million. At the time of this article’s publication, two days after the storm, about 610,000 customers remain without power.

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New England power grid operating under normal conditions after solar-storm effects reach Earth

According to the NOAA/NWS Space Weather Prediction Center, a coronal mass ejection on the sun earlier this week caused the strongest solar radiation storm since 2003.

As the region’s grid operator, ISO New England monitors all types of weather, including solar storms, because bulk power system reliability can be affected under certain conditions. Learn more about solar magnetic disturbances and steps the ISO can take to maintain bulk power system reliability in the event of a predicted strong geomagnetic storm.

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Hurricane Irene and the New England power grid

Hurricane Irene will go down in the history books in New England. Massive flooding washed out roads and swept away bridges. High winds toppled trees and took down power lines. ISO New England and the Local Control Centers in the region, working with the owners of the region’s power system infrastructure, were in close communication before, during, and after the storm to ensure a coordinated approach to operation of the region’s power system.

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ISO-NE featured on CNET Green Tech blog; view video of COO Chadalavada

Earlier this year, Martin LaMonica, a Green Tech reporter for CNET—a highly regarded tech news and information website—was writing a story about the role demand resources (DR) were playing during the July heat wave.

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