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New England power grid operating under normal conditions after solar-storm effects reach Earth

According to the NOAA/NWS Space Weather Prediction Center, a coronal mass ejection on the sun earlier this week caused the strongest solar radiation storm since 2003.

As the region’s grid operator, ISO New England monitors all types of weather, including solar storms, because bulk power system reliability can be affected under certain conditions. Learn more about solar magnetic disturbances and steps the ISO can take to maintain bulk power system reliability in the event of a predicted strong geomagnetic storm.

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Hurricane Irene and the New England power grid

Hurricane Irene will go down in the history books in New England. Massive flooding washed out roads and swept away bridges. High winds toppled trees and took down power lines. ISO New England and the Local Control Centers in the region, working with the owners of the region’s power system infrastructure, were in close communication before, during, and after the storm to ensure a coordinated approach to operation of the region’s power system.

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ISO-NE featured on CNET Green Tech blog; view video of COO Chadalavada

Earlier this year, Martin LaMonica, a Green Tech reporter for CNET—a highly regarded tech news and information website—was writing a story about the role demand resources (DR) were playing during the July heat wave.

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