ISO Minute: Explore the 21-day energy supply forecast that’s key to winter grid operations

ISO Minute is a video series featuring ISO New England employees speaking about their experiences working for the region’s independent system operator and supporting the safe and reliable transition to clean energy.

In this ISO Minute, Mallory Waldrip, lead energy security analyst, sheds light one of ISO New England’s key tools for winter operations: the 21-Day Energy Assessment Forecast and Report. This innovative three-week outlook analyzes a range variables in order to identify potential energy shortfalls, allowing the region to take steps to prevent them or lessen their impact.

“By putting this report together, we’re able to work with our stakeholders in understanding how we can mitigate any energy shortfalls that may be in our future,” Waldrip says.

Published weekly during the winter months, the report examines whether the region’s electricity supply could fall below anticipated consumer demand and required operating reserves during any hour in the upcoming three-week period. Find the latest report and an archive of past analyses here.

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