Grid operators outline recommendations for gas-electric coordination

The regional transmission organizations ISO New England, MISO, PJM, and SPP, serving more than 40% of the U.S. population in 35 states and the District of Columbia, have released a position paper to identify for state and federal policymakers issues that, if appropriately resolved, can enhance the reliability of gas-electric coordination for the benefit of both gas and electricity customers.

The paper, “Strategies for Enhanced Gas-Electric Coordination: A Blueprint for National Progress,” suggests potential initiatives that can help achieve the goal of enhancing the reliability and efficiency of commodity supply and delivery for each industry. The initiatives suggested can be flexibly adopted by each region, although there are certain overarching national issues that would benefit from coordination among state and federal regulators and stakeholders.

In the paper, the group of grid operators, referred to as the “Joint RTOs,” put forth a range of immediate- and near-term initiatives aimed at enhancements to the gas market, RTO operations, and coordination between state and federal regulators.

The Joint RTOs identify specific recommendations along with suggested specific action steps to be undertaken respectively by the RTOs; gas producers, marketers, and pipelines; and/or federal and state regulators corresponding to each recommendation.

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