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SPI News: Day-Ahead Energy Market timeline changes go into effect May 23 for May 24 operating day

A major goal of the Strategic Planning Initiative, the market change is an important step for region

On April 25, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued an order approving acceleration of the daily schedule for bidding in and clearing New England’s Day-Ahead Energy Market. The market changes go into effect May 23 for operating day May 24, 2013.

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ISO-NE CEO discusses natural gas reliance at US Senate forum

Gordon van Welie, ISO New England’s president and chief executive officer, participated in “Infrastructure, Transportation, Research and Innovation,” a roundtable discussion hosted on May 14, by the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. He joined other industry experts and executives to share perspectives on issues and solutions related to natural gas infrastructure and increased demand for the fuel in the US.

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ISO-NE CEO discusses natural gas issues and the power grid on local public broadcasting show

On April 17, Gordon van Welie, president and chief executive officer of ISO New England, appeared on the WGBY public broadcasting program, "Connecting Point." He was interviewed about the region’s increasing dependence on natural gas for electricity production, the challenges this is causing on the power grid, and what ISO New England and stakeholders are doing to address the issues at hand.

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New England grid operated reliably through 2012/2013 winter despite resource performance challenges 

Two weather-driven events exemplified concerns identified through the Strategic Planning Initiative

Although this winter didn’t prove to be the coldest or stormiest on record, New England endured a one-two punch with a stretch of frigid temperatures in January and then Winter Storm Nemo in February that caused generator, transmission, and distribution system outages. While the ISO was able to maintain reliability throughout these weather events, operators faced significant challenges managing the system with generating resources that were at risk of not being able to produce electricity when and as needed.  

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ISO-NE CEO testifies on gas/electric industry coordination at US House Energy and Power hearing

Updated on Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 11:21AM by Registered CommenterISO New England

On March 19, Gordon van Welie, president and chief executive officer of ISO New England, testified about the challenges associated with the region’s dependence on natural gas to produce electricity at a hearing called by the US House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Power.

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SPI News: Cost/benefit information of potential market responses to address natural gas dependence

Two memos are now available that examine the potential benefits and costs associated with options that could help mitigate grid reliability risks related to the region’s reliance on natural gas. The memos provide further information to regional stakeholders as they consider proposed solutions and market rule changes to address this challenge.

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