Self-paced training: 2024 FCM Interim Reconfiguration Auction Qualification

Participant Training Services is pleased to release the 2024 FCM Interim Reconfiguration Auction Qualification self-paced training.

This training provides market participants and project sponsors with information to help them decide whether to participate in the 2024 interim reconfiguration auction qualification process, to select projects that are eligible to participate, and to take the required actions for the qualification process within the deadlines. The approximate viewing time is 20 minutes.

ISO New England offers a variety of training opportunities and materials to help our participants understand the region’s wholesale electricity marketplace and power system. 

To be sure you receive training information and updates, ISO New England participants and stakeholders can subscribe to various mailing lists, including the ISO Training list, in Ask ISO. By subscribing to this list, you will receive prompt notification of any new training events as they are announced. Please refer to the How to Manage Your Mailing Lists article for instructions.

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