2024 Regional Electricity Outlook explores ISO-NE’s innovative work amid evolving energy landscape

ISO New England has published its latest Regional Electricity Outlook (REO), a report looking at the trends affecting New England’s power system and the ISO’s innovative work to ensure reliable, competitively priced electricity for the region’s homes and businesses—today and throughout the clean energy transition.

This year’s REO is published in a new online format, which allows for a richer presentation with dynamic graphics and links to reports, presentations, and other material across iso-ne.com. The new format also provides flexibility in updating key information as the ISO generates new data, releases new studies, or identifies new challenges and opportunities for the bulk electric system.

The REO presents a discussion of the ISO’s four pillars for a reliable transition to a greener grid: clean energy, balancing resources, energy adequacy, and robust transmission. Status indicators included in the report offer a broad, high-level summary of each pillar’s relative health and readiness to meet the needs ahead.

Throughout the REO, readers will find highlights of ISO projects and initiatives that support each pillar. These capture some—but by no means all—of the ways in which our highly skilled workforce is planning for the clean energy transition on a scale of decades, while also operating today’s grid minute by minute.

The ISO is studying the future power system on multiple fronts as our teams of experts prepare to manage a grid growing rapidly in size and complexity. With an increasingly clear view of the challenges ahead, we believe we are well-prepared to solve them in partnership with the region’s energy stakeholders.

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