Understanding FERC Order No. 2023: Register for ISO-NE’s free webinar

Join ISO New England on March 26 at 10:30 a.m. for a webinar on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s July 2023 order regarding generator interconnection procedures and agreements. The one-hour event is free, and registration is available online.

FERC Order No. 2023 requires transmission providers, including regional transmission organizations and independent system operators, to implement reforms intended to ensure a reliable, efficient, transparent, timely, and fair interconnection process. The ISO is dedicating significant resources to its compliance proposal and to bringing it through the stakeholder process to meet the FERC timeframe.

The webinar will focus on the ISO’s compliance proposal (subject to FERC approval) and its impact on Affected System Operator (ASO) studies. Attendees will have opportunities to ask clarifying questions about the proposal, but presenters will not be taking feedback on the design during the webinar.

Interested participants can register through ISO-TEN, the online registration site for the ISO New England Training and Events Network. Upon registration, attendees will receive details on how to access the webinar. For those new to ISO-TEN, a simple, free account setup is required.

Please contact the ISO’s External Affairs team for questions or additional information.

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