Self-paced training: Do Not Exceed Dispatch Impacts for Intermittent Resources

Participant Training Services is pleased to announce an updated release of the Do Not Exceed (DNE) Dispatch Impacts for Intermittent Resources self-paced training.  

The proposal to incorporate solar generator assets into the do-not-exceed dispatch framework addresses the need for an automated, economical solution for dispatching resources without control of their net power output, also known as intermittent power resources. Accordingly, most modeled solar generator assets will become dispatchable and need to exchange certain data with ISO New England using a directly connected remote terminal unit by the proposal’s requested effective date of December 5, 2023.

Additionally, solar resources with a capacity supply obligation will be required to offer into the Day-Ahead Energy Market beginning on December 4, 2023.

The new dispatch methodology sets an upper limit on how much generation the system can accommodate from an intermittent power resource. The resource may operate freely between 0 MW and this limit, but must not exceed it. This helps maximize the amount of intermittent generation on the system by accommodating the variable nature of these resources.

A project overview is available on the ISO’s website.

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