Generator Information System cost-exemption requests and renewals for 2024 due by November 20

Load assets lose their Generation Information System (GIS) exempt status at the end of year, thus, it’s that time of year again for owners or account holders of GIS Load Assets to request or renew exemptions from GIS Costs charges for the coming year. To request or renew an exemption for 2024 charges, Lead Asset Owners must complete the GIS Exemption Form and send to by close of business on November 20, 2023.

GIS is a New England Power Pool (NEPOOL) emissions reporting and tracking tool that monitors environmental attributes of generated electricity. For each megawatt-hour of electricity generated by individual units, NEPOOL-GIS assigns a certificate that records the attributes of that power. Electricity suppliers then use these certificates to differentiate their products for consumers, provide the information required on energy-disclosure labels, and comply with state and regional Renewable Portfolio Standard and emissions performance standards. GIS costs represent the expenses the ISO incurred for the vendor that administers the GIS, APX. The methodology for allocating GIS costs is described in the document, Allocation of Costs Related to Generation Information System.

For a load asset to be exempt from GIS cost charges, its load-asset owner must annually provide ISO New England with either a certification by one of its officers or an opinion of counsel explaining the specific reason, per the state’s Attribute Laws, why the load asset is not subject to the GIS charges. The GIS Annual Exemption Process Instructions contain more detailed information on how to request or renew an exemption status.

Reminder: If an asset owner incurs a charge during the year, both new and previous GIS account holders must inform APX at of the change so that the GIS costs can be charged to the appropriate party.

Each load asset’s exemption status is listed on a participants’ Market Information System GIS Costs reports (SS_GISCOST). GIS load assets with an exempt status that is not renewed will become non-exempt effective with the January 2024 metered load’s billing cycle.

If you have questions about any part of the GIS exemption process, contact Participant Support at 413-540-4220 or the GIS administrator can be contacted at or 408-899-3343.

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