Public officials, staff from across New England attend ‘ISO 101’ to learn about region’s grid operator

Principal Analyst Hanhan Hammer of the ISO’s Market Development department delivers a presentation on the wholesale electricity markets.

ISO New England hosted more than 40 public officials and staff this week for “Overview of ISO New England (ISO 101).” The course covers the three critical, interconnected roles the ISO performs to ensure the region’s reliable supply of competitively priced wholesale electricity: grid operations, market administration, and power system planning.

Designed as an introductory course for individuals relatively new to the industry or as a refresher for more experienced staff, the course is offered annually, and helps attendees identify topics of interest for more in-depth training. Participants in the October 3 and 4 class hailed from five of the six New England states, and included representation from state public utility commissions, state legislators and staff, state energy and environmental agencies, and state consumer advocate staff.

The training provided participants with a full day of on-site training in Holyoke, including a tour of the control room where ISO’s system operators manage the region’s bulk power system 24/7. The following day, a 90-minute webinar introduced participants to the Forward Capacity Market.

The ISO’s Participant Training Services team plans, develops, and facilitates numerous training opportunities for market participants, public officials, and other stakeholders on every aspect of the ISO’s responsibilities and services. Information about upcoming courses, online learning opportunities, and more is available on the ISO’s website.

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