Roberto Denis retires from ISO-NE Board of Directors

ISO New England bids farewell to Roberto Denis, a nine-year veteran of the ISO’s Board of Directors. Denis is retiring from the Board as the 2023 slate prepares to take the helm Oct. 1.

A former member and president of the New England Power Pool (NEPOOL), Denis was already part of New England’s energy history before joining the Board in 2014. At a dinner in Denis’ honor, ISO New England President and CEO Gordon van Welie noted that “his background as a power system engineer, with real world experience in both power system planning and operations, has been invaluable.”

Roberto R. Denis

During his tenure, Denis served on the System Planning and Reliability Committee (SPARC), the Markets Committee, and led the Compensation and Human Resources Committee. In his remarks, van Welie praised Denis’ accomplishments in that role, noting that his leadership and contributions “will continue to help us build the workforce we need to meet the challenges ahead.” Board Chair Cheryl LaFleur called Denis “an engineer’s engineer who calls it like he sees it, but always with a smile.”

Current Board members Brook Colangelo and Mark Vannoy have been reelected to their third and second terms, respectively. Craig Ivey, retired president of Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., will join the Board as its newest member.

About the board

The ISO elects its Board members through a nominating process that involves representatives from the ISO New England Board of Directors, NEPOOL, and the New England Conference of Public Utilities Commissioners. Candidates also receive the endorsement of the NEPOOL Participants Committee.

Board members are subject to ISO New England’s code of conduct, which includes a non-affiliation provision designed to maintain the independence of the company from participants in New England’s wholesale electricity markets and their affiliates.

More information on ISO New England’s governance structure, as well as its Board of Directors, is available on the ISO’s website.

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