‘We are ISO New England’: Educational campaign includes two new videos

When you turn the lights on, power is at your fingertips. Our job is to make sure you can flip that switch with confidence. And so begins a new educational campaign called “We are ISO New England.” With two short animated videos, the campaign is designed to help explain how the region’s power grid works and how, by working together, we will get to our clean energy future.

Most electricity consumers are familiar with their electricity provider—the company that delivers the electricity that helps run our daily lives. But who runs the grid that gets the power to your doorstep? Well, it’s ISO New England.

Since 1997, the region’s wholesale power system has been managed reliably and efficiently by the people of ISO New England. But few outside the energy industry know that New England is served by an independent system operator, an organization that oversees the complicated network of power plants, demand-side resources, and high-voltage transmission system—and runs the wholesale electricity “stock exchange” where wholesale transactions take place. Because most New England consumers typically get their electricity from utilities or companies selling directly to retail customers, the wholesale side of the industry is not readily known. The goal of the “We are ISO New England” campaign is to help change that by raising awareness about the ISO and its critical responsibilities. 

“Because of the central role we play in New England to move electricity from the generating resource to the consumer at competitive prices, we wanted the general public have a better idea about the people behind the region’s power grid,” said Anne George, vice president and chief external affairs and corporate communications officer. “Our goal with the ‘We are ISO New England’ videos is to introduce our dedicated team who work around the clock keeping our power flowing across New England, and the role we are currently serving to get our grid to its clean energy future.”

The two animated videos were created to jumpstart this awareness campaign and will run on the ISO’s website, as well as LinkedIn and Twitter. Visit iso-ne.com/learn to view the videos and learn more.

We hope you tune in!

Inside ISO New England