ISO-NE to host public webinar on Future Grid Reliability Study

ISO New England will host a virtual briefing on its recently released report on phase 1 of the Future Grid Reliability Study on Friday, October 21, from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. The study evaluates how a 2040 grid could perform with a shift to largely renewable resources and a substantial increase in demand associated with electrification of the heating and transportation sectors.

The briefing is intended to explain the study’s findings to interested members of the public. The audience will have opportunities to submit questions via chat during the session, which will also be recorded and posted after the event.

The study’s final report is available on the ISO’s website, and a short summary is available on ISO Newswire. A summary document is also available.

In 2020, regional stakeholders requested the study to assess and discuss the future of the regional power system in light of state energy and environmental policies. Beginning in April 2020 and culminating in March 2021, the ISO met regularly with state and industry stakeholders to discuss and define the study’s scope.

The briefing will highlight the findings of the study, including the operational and reliability challenges the region will need to address in the transition to the future grid, and possible ways to meet those needs.


To register for the briefing, visit ISO-TEN, the online registration site for the ISO New England Training and Events Network. If you are new to ISO-TEN, you will need to click the button to Register for an Account. There is no charge to set up an account. You will need to set a password and provide contact information so we can send you information about the event.

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