ISO-NE marks retirement of two board members

ISO New England bids farewell today to directors Barney S. Rush and Vickie A. VanZandt. Members of the ISO’s Board of Directors since 2013 and 2011, respectively, Rush and VanZandt’s retirement begins just before three-year terms begin October 1 for Board Chair Cheryl LaFleur, re-elected to a second term, and new director Melvin G. Williams, Jr.

Vickie A. VanZandt

Rush and VanZandt were recognized by their peers at a board meeting earlier this month. LaFleur shared a resolution passed by the board thanking both for contributions that have “furthered the Company’s and the Board’s evolution to an established, mature organization that effectively meets its significant responsibilities as the New England states transition to a clean and reliable energy future.”

In particular, LaFleur noted that VanZandt came to the board with “an unparalleled background in the planning and operation of transmission, and the reliability and transmission aspects of the energy transition.” She praised VanZandt’s leadership of the System Planning and Reliability Committee (SPARC), calling her a “staunch defender of reliability” with a “realistic view of what it will take to plan and administer a very different system.”

Barney S. Rush

VanZandt will join the PJM Interconnection Board of Managers effective October 1.

LaFleur recognized Rush for bringing to the board and the Markets Committee “a superb background in how markets work and how energy projects get developed—both in the U.S. and internationally.” In addition, she noted that his government background gave him insight into the challenges facing government decision makers.

About the board

The ISO elects its Board members through a nominating process that involves representatives from the ISO New England Board of Directors, the New England Power Pool (NEPOOL), and the New England Conference of Public Utilities Commissioners. Candidates also receive the endorsement of the NEPOOL Participants Committee.

ISO New England Board members are subject to the company’s code of conduct, which includes a non-affiliation provision designed to maintain the independence of the company from participants in New England’s wholesale markets and their affiliates.

Last year, to capitalize on a trio of highly-qualified candidates, the ISO New England Board of Directors temporarily expanded to 11 members. As planned, the board has now returned to 10 members with the retirements of Rush and VanZandt. More information on ISO New England’s governance structure, as well as its Board of Directors, is available on the ISO’s website.

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