David Naughton named Executive Director, Market Monitoring

David Naughton has been named ISO New England’s Executive Director, Market Monitoring. In this role, Naughton will lead the ISO’s internal market monitoring (IMM) department, which functions independently of ISO management and reports directly to the ISO New England Board of Directors.

Naughton was appointed as the interim market monitor in January 2022. He joined ISO New England in 2011 as a senior market analyst within the market monitoring department, and then as director of market monitoring. Prior to joining the ISO, he served as head of power management at Endesa Ireland, and previously worked at the Commission for Energy Regulation in Dublin, Ireland.

“ISO New England’s internal market monitor serves a vital function for the ISO and the region,” said Barney Rush, Chair of the ISO’s Board Markets Committee. “We are very pleased that Dave has agreed to serve in this role. As interim IMM, he managed his department effectively and earned the high regard of market participants and the Board Markets Committee. We are confident that he will play an important role in assisting the ISO as it assesses current and future wholesale market performance.”

The IMM is comprised of economists, engineers, statisticians, and analysts. Along with regular market assessments and reporting, the department is responsible for the daily detection and mitigation of the effects of any anti-competitive behavior in the wholesale markets or market products. This includes actions or transactions that are intended to (or foreseeably could) manipulate market prices, market conditions, or market rules.

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