ISO-NE publishes latest edition of Wholesale Markets Project Plan

ISO New England has published the latest edition of the 2021 Wholesale Markets Project Plan (WMPP), which lists the status of market initiatives as of December 2021. The WMPP is published biannually in summer and winter, and is a companion piece to the ISO’s Annual Work Plan, which is published in fall and spring. The WMPP now includes a Gantt chart to visually display project timelines.

The most recent edition of the Wholesale Markets Project Plan includes a Gantt chart to visually display project timelines.

Stakeholders can stay up-to-date on market projects by following them from introduction to implementation within the WMPP webpage, which consolidates access to the ISO’s Annual Work Plan, WMPP, NEPOOL Markets Committee Two-Month Look-Ahead Forecast, Markets Committee meeting agendas and materials, key projects, and a listing of closed market design projects

Quick links to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission filings and orders and the ISO’s Participant Readiness Project Outlook page are also available to further inform and support market participants and others looking to track market-related projects. ISO New England undertakes many projects and initiatives for the continued development of the region’s wholesale electricity markets.

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