New England’s Regional Electricity Outlook: The Power of Progress, Competitive Pricing and People

New England’s clean-energy goals can be achieved through the power of progress, competitive pricing and people, says ISO New England in its 2021 Regional Electricity Outlook (REO), released today. ISO New England Inc. is the non-profit operator of the region’s bulk power system and wholesale electricity markets.

The Regional Electricity Outlook is one of the many ways the ISO keeps stakeholders informed about the current state of the grid, issues affecting its future, and ISO initiatives to ensure a modern, reliable power system for New England.

“This year’s REO, lays the groundwork for us to appreciate the region’s progress over the course of the past three decades, so we can better understand the path ahead,” said Gordon van Welie, CEO of ISO-NE. “Getting to our clean energy future won’t be easy, but our changing climate won’t wait; the time is now to set the region on the right course and ensure that as our economy is decarbonized, it is supported with a reliable, cost-effective, and clean energy grid.”

The 2021 Regional Electricity Outlook is available at

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