Prior-day forecast tracking now visible on ISO Express load graph

The System Load Graph is among the most frequently viewed and monitored tools available on ISO Express and beginning today, we are including prior-day forecasting data.  

The prior-day forecast shows how much the current forecast has changed since yesterday’s forecast, and can be compared to existing actual, forecast and cleared data lines in the graph. Accurate demand forecasting is a key metric by which the ISO evaluates its own performance.

Forecasting electricity usage is assessed continuously throughout the day by ISO-NE forecasters and recalculated if needed to help ensure the right amount of generation is operating to meet consumer demand and required reserve margins.

Actual conditions like shifting weather patterns, business and school closings, and steady increases in the behind-the meter solar systems can affect New England’s power usage. Electricity forecasts are used for real-time power dispatching, by market participants in the purchase and sale of wholesale electricity, and for infrastructure and energy resource planning. It is one of the primary tools that ISO-NE System Operators use to keep electricity flowing throughout the region.

By adding the prior-day’s forecast to ISO Express, the System Load Graph now shows a more thorough picture of New England’s electricity usage with just one click. Visit ISO Express today.

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