ISO-NE issues 2021 Annual Work Plan

ISO New England has issued its 2021 Annual Work Plan, outlining major priorities and activities for the year that are designed to improve upon existing ISO systems, practices, and services to New England.

Notable initiatives within the plan, which includes feedback from stakeholders, focus on innovation for reliability and the clean-energy transition across markets, planning, operations, and software structures. These efforts include, the Energy Security Initiative (ESI) key projects, the New England’s Future Grid Initiative, transmission planning for the clean-energy transition, and evaluating impacts of shifting net peak loads.

Additional priorities align with recent events, including reviewing lessons learned from the first competitive transmission solicitation process; continuing improvements to operational and long-term planning forecasts, including consideration of COVID-19 impacts and other data-related enhancements; and moving the margining and settling of the Financial Transmission Rights market to a clearinghouse.

The foremost business implementation and capital projects improve speed and efficiency, while mitigating risks. These projects include implementing nGEM day-ahead market clearing software upgrades, and enhancing cybersecurity tools to protect against increased intrusion attempts.

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