Now online: New “Transition to the Future Grid” key project page

Innovation within the electric industry and state policy goals are driving changes in New England’s power generating resource mix over the coming years and decades. ISO New England is collaborating with regional stakeholders and the states to further assess and explore potential market and reliability issues in light of evolving state energy and environmental policies. Within the stakeholder process:

  • Assumptions and future scenarios will be developed to help identify any operational and reliability needs on the New England power system
  • Based on identified needs, a gap analysis will be conducted to determine if there are any market deficits that need to be addressed to assure the continued reliable operation of the system
  • Based on results from the gap analysis, potential wholesale regional market approaches would be explored to address the identified gaps

The first project meeting was held on April 27. Follow the stakeholder process on the new Transition to the Future Grid key project page.

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