2020 Regional Electricity Outlook: The road to a clean-energy future

Annual report describes how the region’s power system will be ready for the transition

ISO New England has published its 2020 Regional Electricity Outlook (REO), an annual report looking at the trends affecting New England’s power system and the innovative solutions the ISO is pursuing to ensure reliable electricity for homes and businesses as the region moves along its decarbonization journey.

New England is unquestionably on the path to a clean-energy future. Year after year, the ISO’s experts have been working steadily and intensively to integrate high levels of renewable and distributed resources—energy efficiency, demand-response resources, energy storage, wind, and solar—into system operations, wholesale electricity market design, and power system planning. This includes innovating ways to help the states make progress on their climate and energy goals while maintaining the integrity of the region’s grid and competitive markets.

While decarbonizing the electricity industry is well underway, the journey to decarbonize the other sectors of the economy has really only just begun. The New England power system will look very different in the future, and the electrification of millions of vehicles, homes, and buildings with low-to-no-carbon energy raises important questions about where the region is heading in the coming decades in terms of the overall architecture of the regional power system and wholesale marketplace. The ISO believes that the New England states can fully achieve their clean-energy goals by harnessing the same competitive wholesale markets forces that have kept the region’s power system reliable and at the least-cost for the past two decades.

The report describes the decarbonization journey happening in New England and how the ISO is working to ensure a reliable power system and competitive wholesale electricity markets that will enable the clean-energy future. The 2020 REO is available at www.iso-ne.com/reo. Read the press release.

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