ISO-NE replaces software for scheduling external transactions

The software allows customers to better-manage their external transactions and is an important part of the day-to-day operation of the electric grid

On October 23, 2019, ISO New England released the New England External Transaction Tool (NEXTT), a new software application for market participants to submit external transactions in the Day-Ahead and Real-Time Energy Markets. The application replaces the existing software, the Enhanced Energy Scheduling (EES) interface, that has been used since the implementation of the Standard Market Design in 2003.

External transactions are the means by which energy is transferred between ISO New England and neighboring control areas. Six interface (made up of 13 interconnections positioned on the ISO-NE control-area boundaries) transfer electricity into and out of the New England electric grid. Under light-load conditions, external transactions can provide up to one-third of the energy serving the demand on the regional electric grid. Annually, New England imports between 15% and 17% of its electricity needs.

Market participants with an interest in moving power into, out of, or through the New England electric grid submit external transactions into the software; the ISO then clears transactions in the Day-Ahead Energy Market and schedules them in the Real-Time Energy Market. NEXTT will allow market participants to better-manage these critical external transactions on a daily basis. It streamlines the format for uploading and downloading external transactions and displays new information on the user interface.

The all-new customer user interface will eliminate the dependency on outdated versions of JAVA and features improved Web Services for uploading and downloading external transactions.

Other improved features in the application include:

  • Enhanced search capabilities
  • Day-Ahead and Real-Time Market data presented on the same display
  • User creation of external transactions using an existing eTag
  • A view-only display for coordinating transaction scheduling interface bids
  • Allow the assignment of subaccounts to external transactions

Note that the general market rules for submitting external transactions have not changed. However, a set of market rule changes were approved that provide customers more flexibility when submitting external transactions associated with Import Capacity Resources.

More information about the software change, including training materials for market participants and technical documentation, can be found on the NEXTT Project Page.

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