FERC approves NESCOE request for additional time to file energy security market changes

On August 30, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved the request by the New England States Committee on Electricity (NESCOE) to extend the deadline for filing the energy security market changes to April 15, 2020.

On July 31, NESCOE called on FERC to provide the New England region with an additional six months to file changes to the region’s wholesale electricity markets to address current and future energy-security challenges. ISO New England has been working to meet a FERC-mandated deadline of October 15, 2019 to file a market-based solution to address energy-security related reliability issues; however, NESCOE asked that the deadline be extended to April 15, 2020. NESCOE noted that FERC’s “approval of this request will enable a more complete and holistic filing” and “allow ISO-NE to address core consumer protection elements that are fundamental to state support, and remove barriers to achieving a greater degree of regional coalescence around a proposal.”

In comments addressing the NESCOE request, ISO New England noted that it understands the states’ concerns with the accelerated stakeholder process. Regardless of the Commission’s response, the ISO stated that the scope and depth of the energy security challenge will require filings beyond the initial filing. The ISO noted further that “[w]hile the region awaits guidance from the Commission, the ISO will continue to work on an October 15 filing. Should the Commission grant the Motion for Extension, the ISO will endeavor to make a more complete initial filing.”

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