Learn more about what we do by viewing our new online curriculum: ISO 101

ISO New England is pleased to announce the release of our updated
ISO 101 Online curriculum, which consists of four self-paced training modules that introduce you to the New England power grid, wholesale electricity markets, and the ISO’s three primary responsibilities.

The Power System and ISO New England
Reviews the physical and business aspects of the regional electric power grid that serves New England. Average viewing time is 20 minutes.

System Operations
Explains how ISO system operators meet the day-to-day challenges of operating the New England power grid. Average viewing time is 30 minutes.

New England Energy Markets
Describes New England’s wholesale electricity markets, with a focus on the day-ahead and real-time energy markets. Average viewing time is 35 minutes.

System Planning
Describes long-term forecasting of the demand for electricity, types of planning, and initiatives that address the challenges our power grid faces. Average viewing time is 35 minutes.

Note: The preferred web browsers for viewing this training are Internet Explorer or Firefox. Email the training team with questions at MkTraining@iso-ne.com.

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