ISO-NE’s Lead Outage Coordinator Rachel Wilkins-Thurman featured in the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Journal, Summer 2019 edition

Back in February, when snow was piled high, Rachel Wilkins-Thurman, ISO New England
Lead Outage Coordinator, was interviewed for an upcoming edition of Worcester Polytechnic Institute Journal. Rachel is a 2008 graduate in WPI’s Power Systems Management program. Fast forward a few months later: there’s no more snow on the ground, but Summer 2019 edition of WPI Journal is now out—and Rachel, describing her career path and her current role here at the ISO, is featured as the cover story!

Read how Rachel was resourceful as a child, including taking apart phones, radios, and other electronic equipment to check out what was going on inside. And fast forward to today—when now, as lead outage coordinator, she’s keeping tabs on requests for generation and transmission resource outages to help keep the region’s grid reliable and secure.

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