FERC accepts energy storage tariff revisions; changes become effective April 1

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has accepted ISO New England’s revisions to Market Rule 1 that codify a new design that enables batteries and other emerging storage technologies to more fully participate in the New England wholesale electricity markets. The revisions allow emerging storage technologies to be dispatched in the Real-Time Energy Market in a manner that more fully recognizes their ability to transition continuously and rapidly between a charging state and a discharging state and provides a means for their simultaneous participation in the energy, reserves, and regulation markets.

Changes become effective April 1, 2019. Market participants can view the Energy Storage Device (ESD) Project Customer Readiness Page to the learn more about actions they need to take and changes to existing systems or procedures related to this project.

Still pending before the Commission is a separate filing the ISO submitted in December that demonstrates full compliance with FERC Order No. 841 on electric storage participation in markets.

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