ISO-NE employees recognized with INFORMS award

Several ISO New England employees have been recognized by INFORMS, a leading international association for operations research and analytics professionals, for their paper addressing the challenges associated with operating large-scale electric power systems in light of the increasing penetration of wind and solar power generation.

A collaboration between ISO New England and the Georgia Institute of Technology, the paper, “Multistage Adaptive Robust Optimization for the Unit Commitment Problem,” was recently named the INFORMS ENRE Best Publication Award in Energy, an annual award given to the best refereed journal article in the areas of energy, natural resources, and the environment.

Working on the project from the ISO were Chief Technologist Eugene Litvinov, Technical Director Tongxin Zheng, Lead Analyst Jinye Zhao, Principal Analyst Feng Zhao and Senior Analyst Dane Schiro.

The paper presented a multistage adaptive robust optimization model for the most critical daily operational problem of power systems, namely the unit commitment (UC) problem, in the situation where nodal net electricity loads are uncertain due to weather-related variations. The team succeeded in solving previously considered intractable, very complex optimization problem for the real-size systems.

The award will be presented during INFORMS’ annual meeting in Houston later this month.

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