ISO-NE staff among recipients of 2016 NASPI awards for outstanding work in the area of synchrophasor technology

Several ISO New England employees have been recognized by the North American SynchroPhasor Initiative (NASPI) this year for significant accomplishments and contributions in the adoption of synchrophasor technology to enhance power system reliability and efficiency.

Distinguished Service

  • David Bertagnolli, Principal Engineer, Transmission Operations Technical Studies

Dave led the ISO’s synchrophasor project and guided NASPI’s Performance Requirements, Standards and Verification Task Team. He was been recognized for bringing vision, leadership, dedication, and hard work to advance the use of synchrophasor technology across North America.

Xiaochuan Luo with U.S. Department of Energy Assistant Secretary Patricia Hoffman, accepting the NASPI award

Control Room Solutions Task Team Most Valuable Players

  • Slava Maslennikov, Technical Manager, Business Architecture & Technology
  • Frankie Zhang, Senior Analyst, Business Architecture & Technology
  • Xiaochuan Luo, Technical Manager, Business Architecture & Technology

Slava, Frankie, and Xiaochuan were recognized for their work to create a library of oscillation test cases that can be used to test oscillation detection and modal analysis tools to support real-time operations. The were given the award along with Kai Sun and Bin Wang from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

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