Be in the know: Power system status on ISO Express and now expanded to show more types of notifications

As the grid operator, ISO New England keeps a watchful eye on changing system conditions and strives to keep the region informed of any issues. The status of the region’s power system can be found at any time on our:

—Current Power System Status webpage (
—ISO Express System Status Monitor (

The ISO has recently expanded the listing presented on these pages to include
all 11 OP 4 actions plus Minimum Generation Emergency notices (see the complete list and description of possible system status notifications that could be displayed on these pages). The listing now also indicates which specific areas of the system to which the notification pertains and the time the notification was made.

ISO Express view (shown under normal conditions):

Website view (shown under normal conditions):

Note that the ISO also issues a Morning Report and a Seven-Day Forecast that list expected demand, capacity, and reserves on a daily and weekly basis, respectively. These reports give stakeholders and the public an understanding of the grid’s available resources and advance notice of any possible challenges on the horizon.

Read Beating the heat: How ISO-NE prepares for summer peak demand, for more on ISO’s processes for issuing power system notifications.


Tell us what you think of these changes, or if you have ideas of how the ISO website or ISO Express could better serve your needs. Please email the Web Team.

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