Grid operators report performance metrics to FERC

Six independent system operators (ISOs) and regional transmission organizations (RTOs) have submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) a metrics report providing extensive data on grid operations and power markets in their regions from 2010–2014.

The California ISO, ISO New England, Midcontinent ISO, New York ISO, PJM, and Southwest Power Pool compiled the October 30 report as part of FERC’s efforts to develop standardized measures to track the performance of grid operations and power markets in ISO/RTOs and other regions of the nation under FERC’s jurisdiction.

Prepared at FERC’s request, the report includes more than 30 separate metrics relevant to ISO/RTO performance in three main areas:

  • Reliability: These metrics provide information on compliance with and violations of national and regional reliability standards, dispatch behavior, load-forecast accuracy, long-term generation and transmission planning, and planned-outage coordination.
  • Markets: These metrics address market competition and mitigation,  electric energy pricing and costs, resource availability and forced-outage rates, congestion costs and the charges hedged through congestion-management markets, demand-response  capacity and the effects of demand-response programs on energy prices, the electric energy provided by renewable resources, and other factors.
  • Organizational effectiveness: These data show ISO/RTO administrative charges to members compared to budgeted charges and the charges per megawatt-hour of load served, customer satisfaction, and the scope and results of billing-control audits.

Each ISO/RTO also provides a brief overview of its region and additional information on key initiatives specific to its activities.

The report is intended to complement other mechanisms in place to measure ISO/RTO performance, including other detailed information annually submitted to FERC, the respective State of the Market reports for each ISO/RTO, FERC’s annual State of the Market Report, and reporting measures developed by the individual ISO/RTOs. The information provided illustrates the transparency of ISO/RTO operations and reinforces the value of ISO/RTO operation of the grid and the administration of wholesale electricity markets.

Find the 2015 ISO/RTO Metrics Report on ISO New England’s website. Previous metrics reports were submitted in 2010 and 2011.

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