US Department of Energy releases Quadrennial Energy Review

The US Department of Energy (DOE) released in April the first iteration of its Quadrennial Energy Review (QER), examining an array of issues affecting the transmission, distribution, and storage of energy infrastructure in the United States and North America.

The QER provides a meaningful analysis of the energy challenges facing New England, many of which were discussed at QER stakeholders meetings in Providence, RI and Hartford, CT in April 2014. The QER notes that natural gas pipeline constraints are leading to both high energy prices and reliability concerns in the region, and discusses issues around expanded gas pipeline capacity. The ISO’s Winter Reliability Programs and market changes are highlighted as ways the region is dealing with the uncertainty caused by pipeline constraints. Beyond New England, the QER also examines various interdependencies between the electric grid and other critical digital infrastructure in the United States. In addition, the DOE dedicates a significant amount of the report to international energy cooperation and infrastructure, including the importance of large-scale hydropower from Canada.

On April 28, Energy Secretary Ernie Moniz testified before the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee on the findings in the QER.

The DOE is expected to announce a rough timeline for the second iteration of the QER in the coming weeks.

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