ISO Express and January 2015 upgrades

More data on LMPs, fuel mix, and forecasts, plus new functionality

ISO New England continues to enhance its website and data portal, ISO Express, with the release of several reports and site features in January 2015. Notable changes are described below (customizable features of ISO Express, along with some charts and maps, require registration). Market participants and other stakeholders can expect even more improvements over time based on user feedback and website analyses.

Several upgrades can be found in the Pricing Reports and Operations Reports sections

Real-time pricing data

Use the Selectable Final Real-Time Hourly LMPs Report in ISO Express to study final hourly locational marginal prices (LMPs) for the past seven years. The data is selectable by pnode, Hub, load zone, or interface, and date and hour, and is broken into the various cost components: energy, congestion, and losses. Currently, individual reports are generated for each selected day. However, upcoming improvements will include the ability to aggregate data from multiple days into a single report.

Fuel mix data

With the new Dispatch Fuel Mix Report, the ISO provides a snapshot of the amount of electricity expected to be produced by different fuel types, as forecasted by dispatch software on the operating day.

Excerpt from new Dispatch Fuel Mix Report spreadsheet

Archived power system forecasts

Historical data from two of the ISO’s most-visited daily reports are back by popular demand:

Expanded External Interfaces Graph

Those using the External Interfaces Graph can now choose to display up to six interfaces at a time. Learn how to add and customize content in ISO Express.


Cancelled meeting notices

If you subscribe to ISO web feeds for meeting notifications, your web feed will now indicate if a meeting has been canceled.

You can also keep track of upcoming—and cancelled—ISO meetings using My Meetings. Learn how to save and view meetings.

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