New Regulation Market goes live March 31; eMarket sandbox open

Test the new regulation offer format and preload your pricing data now

As part of the ISO’s new Regulation Market, offers submitted via eMarket software must be in a new format starting March 31, 2015. The changes comply with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order No. 755, Frequency Regulation Compensation in Organized Wholesale Power Markets, which requires a two-part payment methodology to select and compensate frequency regulation resources.

Test revised systems and the new offer format by March 31

The eMarket update will be deployed the night of March 30, 2015, effective the following operating day. Market participants are advised to revise their systems before the cutover and test changes in the eMarket sandbox environment.

Preload offer pricing data by February 17

Before the cutover, existing regulation offers must be translated into the new offer format and preloaded into eMarket. The ISO will automatically translate and preload existing regulation offer components with the following default values:

  • The current Reg Price will be loaded as Regulation Capacity Offer Price.
  • RegCapITOCost and RegServicePrice will be set as $0.

Market participants can instead specify the pricing data used. Individuals from the lead participant with Regulation Read/Write access in eMarket can submit data using one of the templates previously emailed to registered users. Data must be received no later than February 17, 2015.

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For help

Users without access to eMarket in the sandbox should contact the Security Administrator at their company to be granted access. If you don’t know who your company’s Security Administrator is, need the template for preloading offer data, or need other assistance, please contact Customer Support if you need assistance:

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