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Finalized capacity auction results confirm FCA #12 procured sufficient resources, at a lower price, for 2021–2022

Finalized results from the 12th Forward Capacity Auction (FCA #12) confirm that the auction, conducted on February 5 and 6, concluded with sufficient resources to meet electricity demand in 2021–2022, at the lowest price in five years. While the auction closed with enough resources to meet demand, the ISO rejected two bids from resources looking to withdraw from the capacity market for the one-year capacity commitment period. The ISO’s mandatory transmission reliability review showed that transmission lines in Greater Boston could be overloaded if the resources, Mystic 7 and Mystic 8, were not available during 2021-2022. ISO New England filed the results with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on February 28. The FERC filing includes a list of resources that have an obligation to be available in that capacity commitment period. Read the press release.