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ISO-NE CEO visits NECN to discuss natural gas dependency, other challenges affecting the regional grid

The New England Cable News (NECN) station welcomed Gordon van Welie, president and CEO of ISO New England, on June 10, to be a guest on their show “CEO Corner,” hosted by business editor Peter Howe.

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FCA #9: New offer review trigger prices (ORTPs) are accepted by FERC

Revised ORTPs went into effect May 13

On May 12, 2014, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved several revisions ISO New England proposed to offer review trigger prices (ORTPs) in the Forward Capacity Market (FCM). The new ORTPs are effective May 13, 2014, to ensure that market participants preparing qualification packages for the ninth Forward Capacity Auction (FCA #9) have certainty regarding the applicable ORTPs in advance of the June 17, 2014, qualification deadline.

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New wind power forecast integrated into ISO-NE processes and control room operations 

More precise information about the predicted electricity output from  wind resources improves dispatch efficiency, helps optimize power output from wind generators

Over the past several years, the amount of wind power connected to the New England high-voltage power grid has increased at a fairly quick pace—from approximately two megawatts (MW) in 2005 to more than 700 MW on the system today. Another 2,000 MW of wind generation has been proposed in the region.

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New England Governors continue their heavy focus on energy issues in 2014

ISO-NE summarizes major themes from the State of the
State Addresses

During January and February 2014, each of the six New England governors gave a State of the State Address highlighting the many energy challenges facing the region.

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ISO-NE collaborates with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on high-performance computing project

Promising results were delivered in late 2013 from ISO New England’s partnership with scientists from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) to explore more efficient, reliable ways of integrating renewable resources into the grid. The collaboration was part of a pilot program called hpc4energy incubator, aimed at accelerating the development of energy technology using high-performance computing (HPC). The ISO was one of six program participants selected by LLNL in March 2012 to work with the national laboratory to demonstrate how HPC modeling and simulation benefit their respective projects. The collaboration kicked off in April 2012 and ran for a year and a half.

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New England Governors announce proposal to expand regional energy infrastructure

The six New England governors have announced a cooperative regional initiative designed to expand energy infrastructure in New England.

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