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SPI News: Cost/benefit information of potential market responses to address natural gas dependence

Two memos are now available that examine the potential benefits and costs associated with options that could help mitigate grid reliability risks related to the region’s reliance on natural gas. The memos provide further information to regional stakeholders as they consider proposed solutions and market rule changes to address this challenge.

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2012 wholesale electric energy prices dropped to lowest level since 2003

Lower natural gas prices and lower demand combine to push electricity prices down to a 10-year low

Preliminary figures from ISO New England show that wholesale electric energy prices dropped almost 23% in 2012, driven down by lower natural gas prices and lower demand. Additionally, the 2012 price was nearly 26% lower than the average price set in 2003, the year that ISO New England introduced wholesale competitive markets in their current form.

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Mass.-based magazine publishes opinion piece from ISO-NE CEO on natural gas, electricity

CommonWealth Magazine, a public policy-oriented quarterly publication in Massachusetts, recently published an opinion piece by Gordon van Welie, ISO New England’s CEO, on the issues and concerns raised by the region’s reliance on natural gas for electricity generation.

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