ISO-NE submits comments to US Department of Energy on 2016 Quadrennial Energy Review

ISO highlights importance of efficient wholesale markets; notes that additional energy infrastructure is needed to maintain reliability and meet regional environmental goals

On June 28, Gordon van Welie, President & CEO of ISO New England, submitted comments to the US Department of Energy (DOE) as it prepares to write the second iteration (“Version 1.2”) of its Quadrennial Energy Review (QER). For the 2016 QER, the DOE is focusing on the entirety of the electric system in the United States and North America from bulk power generation to end user.

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Regional transmission investment: summer 2016 update

682 projects put into service since 2002 to fortify New England’s transmission system

The ISO recently published the June 2016 update to the Regional System Plan (RSP) Project List, which details Pool Transmission Facility (PTF) projects needed to ensure reliability in New England. No new projects were added, but 5 upgrades on the project list have been placed in service since the March 2016 update, including projects in Southwest Connecticut; Greater Hartford/Central Connecticut; the Auburn, Massachusetts area; the Acushnet, Massachusetts area; and Greater Boston. Additionally, cost estimate changes were made for the Southern New Hampshire and Greater Boston projects.

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In brief: ISO-NE publishes markets and grid profile summaries

Putting Markets to Work for New England is a one-sheet summary of the key principles that shaped the region’s wholesale electricity markets and explains the main functions of the various markets. The document highlights the resource transformation underway in New England, the competitiveness of the region’s markets, the role of the capacity market, and the interactions between wholesale markets and public policy requirements. The New England Power Grid 2015–2016 Profile is a one-sheet summary of key facts and figures on the region’s demand growth, resource mix, transmission development, and wholesale electricity prices. Download them today! Also check out the Key Grid and Market Stats webpages for background and supplementary information.


New energy-storage options emerging in New England; ISO-NE publishes primer and makes FERC filing on market participation

June 22 update: Information added on ISO-NE’s May FERC filing. Proposed project megawatts (MW) were also updated to reflect the withdrawal of 50 MW of battery storage to have been included as part of a proposed new natural-gas-fired generator.

For the first time, grid-scale (or utility-scale) battery storage projects are seeking to join New England’s regional power system. Late last year, three projects with a combined 94 megawatts (MW) in nameplate capacity applied for interconnection in Maine, with one planning to go live by the end of 2016 and the other two in 2019.*

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Wholesale electricity prices and demand in New England, May 2016

May’s electricity usage and average prices for natural gas and wholesale power were among the lowest since 2003 

New England’s total demand for electricity during May added up to the sixth-lowest energy consumption for any month in the last 16 years, and the price of natural gas was the fifth-lowest of any month since 2003. As a result, the average wholesale power price in May was the third-lowest since March 2003, when New England’s current wholesale electricity markets were launched. Continued mild weather, as well as the region’s growing use of energy-efficiency measures and behind-the-meter solar, are the likely reasons for low energy consumption during the month.

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Now online: Recording of Q2 2016 Settlements Issues Forum

The recording of the June 9, 2016, Quarterly Settlements Issues Forum webinar is now available for download from the ISO New England website on the Quarterly Settlements Forum page. These quarterly interactive, web-based meetings cover upcoming changes affecting ISO New England settlements and billing and are open to interested market participants. Email the training team with questions at MkTraining@iso-ne.com.