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Summer 2018: Air conditioners get a workout 

Operating the region’s power system changes with the seasons. New England is a summer-peaking system, but summer 2018 was marked by spells of hot and humid weather that drove consumer demand to peaks not seen in years and tested power system operations. Reliable grid operations were maintained throughout a summer that was bookended by holiday weather events: a heat wave in early July and an extremely hot and sticky Labor Day weekend.

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Labor Day was no holiday for New England’s power grid: Weather and resource outages led to capacity shortage conditions  

ISO New England provides these newsletter updates on power system conditions when data and other information become available and can be released on a preliminary basis.

Labor Day was expected to be hot, but not as hot as it got. Between the hotter-than-forecasted weather and a string of unplanned generator outages, power system operating reserves ran short in New England on Monday, September 3, 2018. ISO New England system operators implemented several steps of a well-established operating procedure to address the reserve shortage and recover the required level of operating reserves.

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Heat wave recap: Reliable operations through holiday heat & humidity

8/22/18 update: Peak load values updated.

Power system operates smoothly during the June 29-July 5 heat wave

Fireworks weren’t the only things ablaze during the Independence Day holiday week–temperatures surged throughout New England as well, causing high demand for air conditioning and, consequently, the electricity that powers it. Despite the unusually hot, humid conditions during the June 29–July 5 heat wave, the timing of the holiday, coastal breezes, and abundant solar power kept electricity demand in check. With a peak of around 24,000 megawatts (MW), ISO New England’s system operators were able to rely on a high-performing fleet of resources to keep the grid running smoothly and reliably throughout the heat wave.

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Beating the heat: how ISO-NE prepares for the dog days of summer

Once the region rounds the bend on winter, ISO New England begins preparing to operate the region’s power grid during the hot, humid summer months. The days of highest electricity use occur during the summer in New England when warmer weather leads to increased use of energy-intensive air conditioning, creating complex challenges for the grid operator. With a toolbox of procedures, processes, and expertise in place to ensure reliability of the bulk power grid, the ISO is capable of dealing with the wide variety of situations that can arise when demand for power is peaking.

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Summer 2018 outlook: adequate electricity supplies expected

Under normal weather conditions, New England is expected to have sufficient resources to meet peak consumer demand for electricity this summer, according to ISO New England. Tight supply margins could develop if forecasted peak system conditions associated with extreme hot and humid weather occur. If this happens, ISO New England will take steps to manage New England’s electricity supply and demand and maintain power system reliability. View the press release.


Summer 2017 markets report reviews wholesale market outcomes during June, July, and August 2017

The Summer 2017 Quarterly Markets Report prepared by the Internal Market Monitor (IMM) of ISO New England reviews wholesale energy market outcomes for the three-month period from June 1 through August 31, 2017.

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