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Massachusetts DPU issues order on capacity needs in Boston area

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) issued a determination on March 15, 2013, that National Grid and NSTAR should not be required to enter into long-term contracts with developers of electricity generation in Northeast Massachusetts/Greater Boston (NEMA/Boston). The DPU ruled that such a move would only be justified with convincing evidence “that the competitive market had failed and that there were imminent reliability concerns,” conditions that do not exist at this time.

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ISO-NE develops first multistate, long-term energy-efficiency forecast

Earlier this year, ISO New England’s system planners completed the first multistate, long-term energy-efficiency (EE) forecast in the nation. The EE forecast falls under the ISO’s long-range planning responsibilities, which include the annual production of a 10-year load forecast.

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Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative surpasses $1 billion in proceeds

On September 5, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) held its 17th auction of carbon dioxide (CO2) allowances. Generators in the nine RGGI states bought a total of 24.5 million allowances in the auction, one for each ton of CO2 emitted in the compliance period. Bids for the CO2 allowances ranged from $1.93 to $6.51 per allowance, with a clearing price of $1.93, the minimum reserve price for the auction. With states generally holding excess allowances, sales of allowances in auction 17 represented only 65 percent of the 37.9 million allowances offered for sale. Proceeds from the auction amounted to $47.4 million, which the states typically spend on energy efficiency, clean and renewable energy, direct bill assistance, and other consumer benefit programs.

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