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U.S. EIA launches new state energy portal

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has announced the launch of a new State Energy Portal, which provides data and analyses for U.S. states, territories, regions, and the District of Columbia. The portal enables users to access, visualize, map, and export data for a given state. The new portal allows users to build a personalized, interactive data dashboard and to scroll through pre-populated dashboards by energy source, activity, or special topic, including energy storage or energy movement among states. The EIA hosted a training webinar on May 29, 2019, and posted the recording on their website. See also EIA’s overview of its New England dashboard.


ISO-NE handouts provide key grid stats by region and by state

The New England Power Grid 2018–2019 Profile is a one-sheet summary of key facts and figures on the region’s demand growth, resource mix, transmission development, and wholesale electricity prices. The New England Power Grid 2018-2019 State Profiles is a one-sheet summary of key facts and figures on demand growth, resource mix, and environmental goals for each New England state. Download them today! If you are a member of the media or government and would like to speak with someone at ISO New England, please view our list of media and external affairs contacts.


Simplify, simplify, simplify: Here’s a quicker way to select locations when downloading pricing data from ISO Express

ISO New England is continuously updating its website to increase ease of use for stakeholders. Based on market participant feedback, we have updated our selectable reports so that a user can now simply type in the location number for a pnode, Hub, load zone, or interface instead of searching for it.

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Survey says: Add more data to default ISO Express dashboard

Enhancements go live July 5!

Over the past year, the ISO’s web team conducted a survey asking market participants how they use ISO Express, the ISO’s online dashboard of real-time markets and power system data. The results are in, and beginning July 5, ISO Express users will see a number of enhancements to the main/default ISO Express dashboard and to some of the individual data portlets.

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Fall 2015 website upgrades to address popular requests

ISO New England is committed to continually enhancing the ISO website’s helpfulness and ease of use for our stakeholders and employees. In response to feedback received since the launch of the redesigned website in August 2014, the ISO is pleased to announce the following upgrades.

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ISO-NE updates real-time fuel mix chart on iso-ne.com, ISO to Go, with enhanced market offer data

Better represents fuels being used by dual-fuel power plants

With the launch of the Energy Market Offer Flexibility Project during December 2014, dual-fuel generators are now able to submit supply offers that specify the percentage of each fuel they plan to use during the upcoming hour—called “blended offers.” The market changes are designed to give generators the flexibility to represent their cost for each fuel in their supply offers, helping to ensure that when they must switch fuels, their costs are accurately represented—an incentive for them to perform as needed.

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