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Consumer Liaison Group discusses energy projects in Rhode Island at September quarterly meeting

On September 15, the Consumer Liaison Group (CLG) met in Providence to discuss Energy Infrastructure Projects Progressing in Rhode Island: Challenges and Consumer Impacts Regionwide. Seth Magaziner, General Treasurer for the State of Rhode Island, gave opening remarks, highlighting the work of the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank, a centralized hub for energy-efficiency and renewable energy financing initiatives in the state.

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Consumer Liaison Group discusses electricity security for consumers at June meeting

On June 17, 2016, the Consumer Liaison Group (CLG) met in Westborough, Massachusetts to discuss electricity security for consumers and how advancements in technology are changing the way utilities detect and protect against cybersecurity threats.

Congressman James McGovern, representing Massachusetts’ 2nd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives, delivered the keynote address. McGovern focused his remarks on the issue of climate change and what the nation must do to combat it. He supported the consideration of all options and resource types for meeting New England’s energy needs, but warned against expanding the region’s natural gas pipeline capacity. Investing billions of dollars on natural gas infrastructure, he said, would lock the region into an energy source it may not prefer in 20 years. 

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CLG discusses solar development in New England at March 2016 meeting

On March 10, the Consumer Liaison Group (CLG) met in Cromwell, Connecticut to discuss Solar Development in New England: Consumer Protection, Costs and Benefits, and What Does it Mean for the Wholesale Market? Elin Swanson Katz, the Consumer Counsel for Connecticut, delivered the keynote address. With more than 10,000 solar installations across the state, Katz showcased the success of solar programs and policies in Connecticut. She encouraged the state to take a detailed look at the incentives driving solar development with an eye towards reducing costs now that the solar industry has matured. She laid out six principles to consider moving forward:

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