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December Consumer Liaison Group meeting discussed energy security

The Consumer Liaison Group (CLG) held its final quarterly meeting of 2019 on December 6. The meeting began with a conversation with State Representative Thomas Golden, House Chair of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy at the Massachusetts General Court. The discussion included topics such as the Massachusetts renewable energy procurements and the safety of the natural gas distribution system. The panel discussed, “The Evolving Markets: How Fuel Security is Changing the Wholesale Electricity Markets and What That Means for Your Bottom Line."

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September Consumer Liaison Group discussed electrification of heating sector and consumer choices

The third quarterly meeting of the Consumer Liaison Group (CLG), held in Connecticut on September 20, featured opening remarks by Robert Klee, Commissioner at the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, an update from ISO New England, and a panel discussion addressing Electrification of the Heating Sector: Exploring Consumer Choices.

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Consumer Liaison Group discussed the progress of energy efficiency and its effects on New England consumers at June 2018 meeting

The Consumer Liaison Group held its second meeting of the year on June 14, 2018, in Westborough, Massachusetts. Edward Anthes-Washburn, Executive Director of the Port of New Bedford, opened the meeting with an in-depth look into the offshore wind industry’s introduction to the port and how the commercial fishing and offshore wind industries can coexist. The meeting also featured a panel discussion on the topic, Transitioning from Energy Efficiency to the Efficient Use of Energy – What Does it Mean for Consumers?, as well as an update from ISO New England.

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Consumer Liaison Group discussed the evolution of New England's wholesale electricity markets at March 2018 meeting

The Consumer Liaison Group held its first meeting of the year on March 1, 2018 in New Castle, New Hampshire. Michael Giaimo, Commissioner at the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, opened the meeting with reflections and observations on the CLG and the regional power system over the past decade. The meeting also featuring a panel discussion on the topic, How Have the Region’s Wholesale Electricity Markets Evolved Over Time? Why Should Consumers Care?, as well as an update from ISO New England.

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Ninth annual CLG report highlights 2017 activities and other consumer-related, wholesale electricity industry topics 

ISO New England and the Consumer Liaison Group (CLG) Coordinating Committee recently issued the 2017 Report of the Consumer Liaison Group, which summarizes the activities of the CLG during 2017.

The ISO and regional electricity market stakeholders created the CLG in 2009 to facilitate the consideration of consumer interests in determining the needs and solutions for the region’s power system. The CLG is open to the public. Participants generally include consumers and consumer representatives (including state consumer and ratepayer advocates), state business and industry associations, chambers of commerce, individual businesses, trade groups, nonprofit organizations, and other end users. The CLG meets quarterly, and each meeting addresses various regional electricity and consumer issues. About 75 to 100 participants attend each meeting, both in person and via teleconference.

To learn more, visit the CLG page on the ISO website.


Consumer Liaison Group discussed energy storage and hosted FERC Commissioner Neil Chatterjee at December 2017 meeting

On December 7, the Consumer Liaison Group (CLG) held its last quarterly meeting of the year in Boston, Mass. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Chairman Neil Chatterjee gave the keynote address. A panel discussed The Future of Energy Storage in New England: What it Means for Customers. Panelists included: Christopher Parent, Director, Market Development, ISO New England; Judith Judson, Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources; Lewis Milford, President, Clean Energy Group; and Ted Ko, Director of Policy, Stem, Inc.

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