New England power grid operating under normal conditions after solar-storm effects reach Earth

According to the NOAA/NWS Space Weather Prediction Center, a coronal mass ejection on the sun earlier this week caused the strongest solar radiation storm since 2003.

As the region’s grid operator, ISO New England monitors all types of weather, including solar storms, because bulk power system reliability can be affected under certain conditions. Learn more about solar magnetic disturbances and steps the ISO can take to maintain bulk power system reliability in the event of a predicted strong geomagnetic storm.

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ISO-NE and stakeholders are developing Order 1000 compliance plans

ISO-NE is largely in compliance with FERC’s recent order on transmission planning and cost allocation

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Order 1000, issued July 21, 2011, provides a  roadmap for regional planning and cost allocation for transmission projects in North America. The order addresses several  complex issues that are deemed to be essential for open, transparent, and efficient transmission planning, but that have been addressed with varying success in different parts of the country.

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Happy Holidays from ISO New England


ISO-NE launches Twitter page

A year ago, ISO New England launched this online publication to make it easier for market participants, stakeholders, members of the media, and consumers to find news and information about the New England power system and wholesale electricity markets. We have heard very positive feedback from our audiences on this publication and are continuing our commitment to bring you up-to-date industry information by launching a Twitter page.

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ISO-NE/NYISO conference highlights progress, challenges on the horizon in the Northeast

Industry experts, regulatory leaders, market participants, and other electricity stakeholders came together last week to talk all things energy at the “Energy Synergy: Competition and Innovation” conference in New York City on November 1.

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Hurricane Irene and the New England power grid

Hurricane Irene will go down in the history books in New England. Massive flooding washed out roads and swept away bridges. High winds toppled trees and took down power lines. ISO New England and the Local Control Centers in the region, working with the owners of the region’s power system infrastructure, were in close communication before, during, and after the storm to ensure a coordinated approach to operation of the region’s power system.

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