Reminder to market participants: Meeting cancellation procedure for inclement weather

Winter is fast approaching!

Here's a reminder of how to find out whether Markets, Reliability, Transmission, and Planning Advisory Committee meetings are cancelled due to inclement weather:

  • Call the ISO’s meeting cancellation number: (413) 535-4044. For inclement weather, the message will be updated by 3:30 p.m. the day before the scheduled meeting
  • Check your email—a message will be sent to committee email list subscribers
  • Check for notices in the calendar.
  • Call Customer Support at (413) 540-4220.
  • Download the Meeting Cancellation Procedure

Regional transmission investment: Fall 2018 update

787 projects put into service since 2002 to fortify New England’s transmission system

The ISO recently published the October 2018 update to the Regional System Plan (RSP) Project List, which details Pool Transmission Facility (PTF) projects needed to ensure reliability in New England. Since the June 2018 update, 12 upgrades were placed in service, two new projects were added, and the cost estimate of one major reliability project decreased $29.8 million. Since 2002, a cumulative total of 787 project components representing an investment of $10.7 billion have been placed into service to help ensure that New England’s transmission system continues to reliably and efficiently move wholesale electricity across the region.

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Now online: Presentation and recording of Forward Capacity Market Substitution Auction for FCA #13 webinar

The presentation and recording of the October 11, 2018, Forward Capacity Substitution Auction for FCA #13 webinar are now available on the ISO New England website. This webinar provides an overview of how the substitution auction will be conducted. It also includes information pertaining to substitution auction bid and offer submittals. Email the training team with questions at


Now online: Presentation and recording of Forward Capacity Market Reconfiguration Auctions webinar

The presentation and recording of the October 17, 2018, Forward Capacity Market Reconfiguration Auctions webinar are now available on the ISO New England website. Email the training team with questions at


Customer Readiness webpage now available on Energy Storage Device Project; market rule changes filed with FERC

ISO New England, joined by the New England Power Pool (NEPOOL), has submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) revisions to Market Rule 1 to codify a new design that enables batteries and other emerging storage technologies to more fully participate in the New England wholesale electricity markets. The revisions allow emerging storage technologies to be dispatched in the Real-Time Energy Market in a manner that more fully recognizes their ability to transition continuously and rapidly between a charging state and a discharging state and provides a means for their simultaneous participation in the energy, reserves, and regulation markets. The ISO and NEPOOL filed the changes on October 10 and have requested FERC respond by December 10 so that the changes can become effective on April 1, 2019.

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ISO-NE CEO gets “revved” up over the hybrid grid at Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) conference in Burlington

The New England electric grid is evolving in two fundamental ways, according to ISO New England CEO Gordon van Welie. The grid is shifting from the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity to cleaner resources and from central power plants to distributed generation. This change is creating a massive and exciting engineering and market design challenge, van Welie said.

van Welie shared this observation, and many others, during a keynote address at the Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) conference in Burlington, Vermont, on October 18. During his address to approximately 500 people, van Welie discussed the journey that New England is on in terms of energy policy, and the role of the ISO in it.

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