FERC creates new office on cyber security 

On September 20, FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff announced the creation of a new FERC office that will help the Commission focus on potential cyber and physical security risks to energy facilities under its jurisdiction. The new Office of Energy Infrastructure Security (OEIS) will assist the Commission to address potential risks to FERC-jurisdictional facilities from cyber attacks and such physical threats as electromagnetic pulses. OEIS will be led by Joseph McClelland, formerly the Director of the Office of Electric Reliability. For more information, please see FERC’s press release.

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ISO-NE launches mobile app for smartphones

‘ISO to Go’ provides user-friendly access to information about the region’s power system and wholesale markets

Do you wonder what types of fuels are generating your electricity? Would you like to see real-time power grid conditions? How about real-time wholesale electricity prices in your New England hometown? There’s an app for that!

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Mass.-based magazine publishes opinion piece from ISO-NE CEO on natural gas, electricity

CommonWealth Magazine, a public policy-oriented quarterly publication in Massachusetts, recently published an opinion piece by Gordon van Welie, ISO New England’s CEO, on the issues and concerns raised by the region’s reliance on natural gas for electricity generation.


ISO New England celebrates 15 years of operation

From the President and CEO, Gordon van Welie

On Sunday, July 1, 2012, ISO New England reaches a significant milestone: 15 years as the region’s grid operator. In that relatively short amount of time, the make-up and operation of the electric power system has changed dramatically. We’ve seen the addition of competitive markets and environmental policy spur growth in new, mostly low-carbon-emitting generating resources; an exponential increase in demand resources; and the entrance of more renewable resources, such as wind. The implementation of a collaborative regional system planning process has significantly increased the reliability of the system through hundreds of transmission projects and upgrades.

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Quarterly forum helps market participants understand changes to ISO settlements/billing processes

80+ participants attend Q2 forum; Q3 forum registration opens soon

On June 13, more than 80 attendees turned out for ISO New England's quarterly Settlements Issues Forum for Q2 2012. Launched in late 2011, these interactive, web-based meetings provide market participants with information on upcoming changes to ISO processes for settlement and billing of payments and charges for various transactions in the region’s electricity markets. The forums provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions of the ISO’s subject matter experts and gain a greater understanding of information that is critical to the successful administration of the markets

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ISO-NE, NYISO to implement Coordinated Transaction Scheduling

Efficiency Gains Expected to Reduce Wholesale Electricity Costs

Last week the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved tariff revisions that will improve scheduling of wholesale electricity sales between ISO New England and the New York Independent System Operator and reduce costs for consumers in both regions. Coordinated Transaction Scheduling (CTS) will increase the frequency of scheduling energy transactions, making more efficient use of the transmission lines connecting the regions; enable the two ISOs to coordinate selection of the most economic transactions; and remove several fees that may impede efficient trade between regions. These changes have the potential to save millions of dollars annually and will improve the ability of market participants to access the lowest-cost source of power within the two regions.

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