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Now online: Presentations and recordings of FCM Show of Interest webinars

The presentations and recordings of the February 27, 2019, FCM Show of Interest for New Demand Capacity Resources and FCM Show of Interest for New Generation and Imports webinars are now available on the ISO New England website. These webinars inform prospective project sponsors and market participants about the requirements and submittal process for the Show of Interest (SOI) for the fourteenth Forward Capacity Auction (FCA #14) to be held in February 2020 for the 2023-2024 Capacity Commitment Period. The Market Rule requires qualification of new demand resources as well as new generation and import resources prior to participation in a Forward Capacity Auction. The focus of this training is on how and when to submit the SOI and the information required for FCA qualification. Email the training team with questions at MkTraining@iso-ne.com.